Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lotus Notes 8.5 - File -> Import / Export to Lotus 123 formats

Thanks to James for sharing this with me.

Apparently, Lotus Notes 8.5 no longer has the ability to import or Export data to/from Lotus 123 .WKS etc. files.

However, it's possible to re-enable this functionality by amending NOTES.INI. James has summarized the problem and solution nicely here.

According to this post, this was a deliberate change, which is now being reconsidered - which is nice.


Keith Brooks said...

Thanks for this, didn't even dawn on me, and we had worked on those ini settings for a different purpose.
How odd.

Keith Brooks said...

Of course, they could make symphony do the import/export too, don't you think?

Dave Hay said...

Yes, it's interesting that Symphony can import (Open) .123 documents, but cannot export (Save As) the same :-)

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