Saturday, 23 May 2009

IBM Lotus Wiki: Managing WebSphere Portal 6.1 Environments

This IBM Technote links to a wiki that discusses best practices for building and managing the WebSphere Portal v. 6.1 Environment. The wiki provides high level information about how to set up a WebSphere Portal v. 6.1 Environment, including a development, staging, and production environment. Within the context of each of these environments, we cover topics related to how to move changes through the system and successfully manage releases of a WebSphere Portal 6.1 site.

The following topics are covered in the wiki:
  1. Overview of how to set up a WebSphere Portal environment system
  2. Different kinds of WebSphere Portal content: Pages, portlets, and documents
  3. Connecting testing and staging systems and recommendations on handling concurrent developmen
  4. XMLaccess, Release Builder, and Site Management: When and how to use these tools
  5. Syndication
  6. A fast path for quick fixes
  7. Backup and restore procedures

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