Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Unpacking WebSphere Portal for Windows ...

Following on from my previous post about downloading WebSphere Portal for Windows, I wanted to add a post describing how I unpacked the six downloaded ZIP files: -

unzip C1TL1ML -d c:\temp\W-Setup
unzip C1TQ5ML -d c:\temp\W-1
unzip C1TR1ML -d c:\temp\W-2
unzip C1U2UML -d c:\temp\w-3
unzip C1U2XML -d c:\temp\w-4
unzip C1U30ML -d c:\temp\W-5
unzip C1U34ML -d c:\temp\W-5A

I used the UNZIP.EXE binary that's part of the WinZIP package, but other CLI unzip tools are available ...

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