Wednesday, 24 February 2010

WebSphere Portal Search Engine is generating the wrong URLs for Web Content Management (WCM) content

Saw this Flash this morning, and noted that it's relevant to a few portal projects on which I am currently working: -


In the  search result, content item links are shown as: http://<hostname>:<port>/wps/mypoc/!ut/p/digest!mIH31snIw5RzMY1Ixn23lQ/wcm/path:%252FWeb_Content%252FHelp%252FWebsite%252FMessages%252FSend+New+Message#
Before the upgrade to version 6.1.5/, content links are shown as: http://<hostname>:<port>/wps/wcm/myconnect/Web_Content/Help/Website/Messages/Send+New+Message#
This /wps/mypoc/ is not recognized

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