Friday, 25 March 2011

Another reason that I wish that I had an Android device ... QuipIM - Lotus Sametime for Mobile

Perhaps the Motorola Xoom for me - when I win the lottery, bingo, pools etc. :-)

Thanks to @ThisWeekInLotus and Henning Schmidt's blog, I now know a lot more about this solution: -

Stay Connected, Securely

QuipIM is the only native Sametime client for the iPhone and Android platforms. Stay connected to your coworkers wherever you go with an innovative user interface that leverages the powerful capabilities of each mobile platform! QuipIM uses your existing data connection to connect you to your company's Sametime community without SMS charges.

  • Manage your connections to multiple accounts.
  • Manage your buddy list, including adding and removing buddies and groups.
  • Easily switch between active conversations using a swipe.
  • Set your status and a custom status message.

  • Sounds neat ? Give it a try ... one of my UK colleagues already has it on his HTC Desire, and is very very happy.

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