Friday, 25 March 2011

#LotusKnows that @LisaDuke knows how to Get Social, Do Business ...

Thanks to Stuart and his most excellent This Week In Lotus podcast, i picked up a link to Lisa Duke's new podcast, Get Social, Do Business.

The brief for this is quite simple: -

Title for podcast came from theme for Lotusphere 2011, IBM's social/cloud/messaging collaboration conference.
The meeting point between social software and the business world.
Discussions should help clients understand what new technologies can mean for business.

Where did "social" come from?
Web 2.0 - the concept that you did not have to be a developer or hire one to put up a website - User Generated content - Web as platform
Web 1.0 is = Encyclopaedia Britannica online, Web 2.0 = Wikipedia

Is this the time for Social Business to be big? Why?

It's aimed at everyone, not just pure geeks like Stuart and Darren and me :-)

Having said that, Episode 002 still managed to get a lot of cool stuff squeezed in 8-)

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