Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Getting started with IBM Worklight

As per my previous post, I'm looking at mobile application development, deployment and management for the very first time. To do this, I'm using IBM Worklight: -

IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications Leveraging standards-based technologies and tools, the platform ships with a comprehensive development environment, mobile-optimized middleware, and an integrated management, and analytics console, supported by a variety of security mechanisms.

Now I'm never going to become an application developer by trade, although I have written code on and off for the past 20 years ( as an IBMer, from CL and RPG on the AS/400 platform, through SQL stored procedures in DB2 UDB and C++ agents on Lotus Domino, to Java servlets and portlets on IBM WebSphere ). In addition, I'm not including BBC Basic, Pascal, Comal, COBOL and ADA ( all from my pre-IBM student days.

However, downloading Eclipse and installing Worklight Studio was pretty darn simple - and it runs on my Mac :-)

Therefore, you can be sure that I was very pleased to find this rather useful ( and free free free ) enablement resource on the IBM website: -

Developers and IT professionals can get started with the latest version of IBM Worklight (V5.0.0.3) by using the materials on this page.

You will find step-by-step guidance on using the different parts of the IBM Worklight V5.0 product in the modules (PDF files) below. Some modules include exercises; the solutions to those exercises are in the accompanying code samples (ZIP files).

You can get a ZIP file with all modules, a ZIP file with all exercises, the Worklight starter applications, as well as the files for the previous versions of IBM Worklight in the Additional resources at the bottom of this page.

which includes: -


 Module 02 - Setting Up Your Development Environment (PDF, 691KB)
 Module 02.1 - Setting Up Your iOS Development Environment (PDF, 966KB)
 Module 02.2 - Setting Up Your Android Development Environment (PDF, 528KB)
 Module 02.3 - Setting Up Your BlackBerry Development Environment (PDF, 280KB)
 Module 02.4 - Setting Up Your Windows Phone Development Environment (PDF, 647KB)


 Module 03 - Writing Your First Application (PDF, 636KB)   Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 51.6KB)
 Module 03.1 - Previewing your Application in iOS environment (PDF, 729KB)
 Module 03 2 - Previewing your Application in Android environment (PDF,725KB)
 Module 03.3 - Previewing your Application in BlackBerry environment (PDF, 902KB)   
 Module 03.4 - Previewing your Application in Windows Phone environment (PDF, 660KB)   
 Module 03.5 - Rich Page Editor (PDF, 417KB)
 Module 03.6 - Mobile Browser Simulator (PDF,705KB)
 Module 04 - Worklight Client API Basics (PDF, 492KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 53.6KB)

Server-side development

 Module 05 - Integration Adapters (PDF, 518KB)
 Module 05.1 - Creating SQL Adapters (PDF, 508KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 14.7KB)
 Module 05.2 - Creating HTTP Adapters (PDF, 1.31MB)

 Module 05.3 - Using HTTP Adapters with SOAP Services (PDF, 301KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 14.5KB)
 Module 05.4 - Creating Cast Iron Adapters (PDF, 407KB)
 Module 05.5 - Using Java in Adapters (PDF, 285KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 12.8KB)
 Module 06 - Invoking Adapter Procedures from the Client Applications (PDF, 370KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 53.7KB)
 Module 06.1 - Advanced Adapter Usage and Mashup (PDF, 603KB)  Exercise and code sample (ZIP, 58KB)


What's not to like ?

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