Thursday, 13 September 2012

IBM WebSphere Portal Cache Viewer

In WebSphere Portal, caches are used to store entries of key-value pairs in main memory for faster access. As the size of the main memory is limited and is cleared after system restart, the WebSphere Portal caches hold only copies of data stored elsewhere, for example in a database or directory server. Using and configuring a cache is a trade-off between memory consumption and faster data access. The idea is to cache only data which is often used.

You can tune the WebSphere Portal caches to improve the portal performance. The WebSphere Portal Cache Viewer can help you determine which caches might be worth tuning to improve the performance of your portal.

The Cache Viewer shows you the state of all WebSphere Portal caches. In addition, it provides tuning suggestions for those caches. For more information regarding portal tuning and portal cache architecture, consult the WebSphere Portal Performance Tuning Guides. The guides are available as part of the WebSphere Portal Family wiki.

The Cache Viewer can be downloaded from the Greenhouse here.

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