Tuesday, 5 February 2013

IBM Business Monitor is unable to publish cubes to IBM Cognos BI service

This is potentially of use, as it obviates the need to install a "thick" client on your IBM Business Monitor server for Cognos -> database connectivity.

I had previously blogged: -

about an issue whereby I needed to configure the JVM hosting my Cognos BI service ( the Support cluster member ) to use the 32-bit DB2 drivers.

Well, this IBM Technote: -

appears to provide an alternative, as it says, in part: -

For a IBM Business Monitor V8.0 system the cube publish may be changed to use Dynamic Query Mode which utilizes a JDBC connection and does not require a native database client on the IBM Cognos BI server system. The IBM Cognos BI server will need to have JVM argument set.

Follow these instructions to turn on Dynamic Query mode during publishing:
1. In the Administration Console select Servers
2. Expand Server Type and select WebSphere application servers
3. Click on the name of your server
4. Expand Java™ and Process Management and select Process Definition.
5. Under the Additional Properties section, click Java Virtual Machine.
6. Scroll down and locate the textbox for Generic JVM arguments.
7. add "-Dinit.dqm.enabled=true"

which suggests that we no longer need to have a bit-compatible database client installed, as Cognos uses WAS / JDBC to access the database.

For DB2, requiring a native driver is one thing, but for Oracle, there's a whole additional layer of complexity required to install an Oracle "thick" client, rather than simply deploying a JAR file.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating …..

*UPDATE 16/7/2014*

My IBM colleague, RichardR, has pointed out that BAM no longer requires the -Dinit.dqm.enabled=true setting. Thus far, my testing ( one time on a VM using Oracle ) appears to confirm that. I'll continue to test ...

 *UPDATE 16/7/2014*

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