Thursday, 21 February 2013

IBM Business Process Manager - Theming and Scheming

So, in the past, I've written about theming using WebSphere Portal via the excellent WebDAV interface.

Imagine my surprise when one of my colleagues mentioned that IBM BPM also has the same functionality.

I'm running, as I may have mentioned before, IBM BPM Advanced 8.0.1 on WAS, all on a Linux platform.

However, my desktop is, as I may have mentioned before (!), an Apple Mac.

Therefore, WebDAV is very much out of the box, on both sides of the fence.

So, with my BPM server all up and running ( I have four clusters, for the record ), with the front-end access being "gated" by IBM HTTP Server and the WebSphere Plugin, I checked that my Process Center was running: -

as well as the Process Admin UI: -

I then did the same thing with the WebDAV client.

On the Mac, this is as simple as opening Finder: -

choosing Go -> Connect to Server

Entering the relevant WebDAV URL

The actual URL is: -

and clicking Connect

Once I authenticated ( remember this is a WAS admin user rather than a BPM account such as tw_admin ), this is what I see: -


That's much better than mucking about on a file system, isn't it ?

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