Friday, 22 February 2013

More on IBM BPM Theming via WebDAV

So I posted about BPM 8.0.1 and WebDAV yesterday, and was pleased as punch to find that the WebDAV support in Mac OS X was so smooth.

Imagine my surprise to find that it's not quite as easy with Windows :-(

My colleague was trying, and struggling, to get WebDAV working on her Windows 2008 Server VM, hosting BPM, and also with Windows 7 on her desktop.

In both cases, using Windows Explorer etc. to attempt to map a connection to the BPM server via WebDAV, she was getting a particularly useless exception - 

So, where I'd use a URL such as: -

she had to use a Windows-like URL of: -


but this merely failed with: -

0x80004005: Unspecified error

which is really helpful - NOT !

Googling around led me to various "solutions" including hacking the registry !!

Sadly none of them worked, so I gave up on Windows Explorer etc. and instead downloaded Cyberduck.

That worked a treat - for the record, here're the settings that we used ( this was running on the BPM server itself, hence the use of localhost ): -


Enjoy :-)

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