Thursday, 31 October 2013

DB2 - Performance - Optimization profiles and guidelines

From the DB2 9.7 Information Center: -

Optimization profiles and guidelines

An optimization profile is an XML document that can contain optimization guidelines for one or more SQL statements. The correspondence between each SQL statement and its associated optimization guidelines is established using the SQL text and other information that is needed to unambiguously identify an SQL statement.

The DB2® optimizer is one of the most sophisticated cost-based optimizers in the industry. However, in rare cases the optimizer might select a less than optimal execution plan. As a DBA familiar with the database, you can use utilities such as db2advis, runstats, and db2expln, as well as the optimization class setting to help you tune the optimizer for better database performance. If you do not receive expected results after all tuning options have been exhausted, you can provide explicit optimization guidelines to the DB2 optimiser.

We're looking at this to help optimise the way that IBM BPM internal queries are performed against our DB2 9.7 database infrastructure

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