Friday, 20 December 2013

IBM Business Monitor and IBM Business Process Manager: Together or Separate?

From the developerWorks IBM BPM Support Blog: -

The starting point for any architectural decision is the requirements whether functional or non-functional. We focus primarily on solving the client's problem. However, we have a duty to show the client what the implications are of each decision regarding the environment, administration, maintenance, migration, and resources management that are required for each solution so that the client is provided with tools to assist in decision-making. Sometimes, the client has restrictions or preconceived ideas about the product that should be addressed during the requirement mapping, analysis, and architecture definition.

The goal of this article is to discuss the role of IBM Business Monitor to monitor the IBM Business Process Manager and other sources. Thinking about some aspects of the IT infrastructure, we have some important points that we must consider when you install and configure these products. These points should be considered as you move forward so they have minimal impact to your business.

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