Friday, 6 December 2013

WebSphere Portal 6.0 - "Domain jcr is wrong"

One of my former colleagues, from the IBM Software Services for Collaboration (ISSC) team pinged me on Sametime yesterday, asking a question about WebSphere Portal 6.0 - which is, for me, a definite blast for past ( circa 2006 ): -

I have a portal 6.0 question - we get an error after updating for oracle to point to a jcr db we copied from another server.  

we just edited the properties file then ran connect-database-validate-jcr and it ended as "domain jcr is wrong". No idea where it is getting stuck.  

That didn't strike any chords with me, and I asked whether the error message was written correctly, as I couldn't find any reference to similar problems online, including the IBM Problem Management Report (PMR) database.

She kindly responded later in the day with the solution, as she'd discovered a similar issue in a developerWorks forum article: -

where the original poster was seeing: -

file:../config/actions/validation.xml:160: Wrong usage of the sqlproc task! - wrong dbtype: db2

The most excellent Hunter Tweed responded: -

This message usually means one of the required properties in or is missing. The typical cause here is if it's been accidentally erased from the file or commented out.

which led my colleague, Amy, to the resolution.

She subsequently posted: -

Hi - we had a similar issue with the error being returned "file:../config/actions/validation.xml:127: Wrong usage of the sqlproc task! - domain jcr is wrong"

We finally figured out what the problem was:  In, we had "Jcr.DbSchema=xxxx" rather than "jcr.DbSchema=xxxx" and as soon as we switched to lower case jcr, it was fine!

Bottom line; the parameter jcr.DbSchema=xxxx had been written as Jcr.DbSchema=xxxx :-)

Thanks to Amy for demonstrating the power of collaboration :-)

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