Sunday, 24 August 2014

CRIMA1161E ERROR: Failed to find required installation files.

I've seen this a few times before: -

ERROR: Failed to find required installation files.

  CRIMA1161E ERROR:   Failed to find required installation files.

  Explanation: Installation Manager did not find required installation files from the repository.An issue has occurred with the package that cannot be resolved by Installation Manager.

  User Action: If the repository files were transferred from a different location before the installation, verify that the files were not altered during the transfer operation. Copy the repository files to a different location and install from that location.  If the repository files were not transferred note the package name and version number and contact customer support.

    CRIMC1020E ERROR:     plug-in not found

      ERROR:       'plug-in' does not exist in /tmp/Repository/BPM/Product/IM64 (at /tmp/Repository/BPM/Product/IM64/plugins/

      ERROR:       'plug-in' not found.

      ERROR:       'plug-in' not found in /tmp/Repository/WAS/Fixes/Supplements.

This time, the solution was easy - there was a typo in my response file.

I had written this: -

<repository location='/tmp/Repository/WAS/Product/Supplement'/>

when I actually meant to write this: -

<repository location='/tmp/Repository/WAS/Product/Supplements'/>

Easy when you know how :-)

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