Monday, 25 August 2014

Now that I did not know - Amazon and iTunes together

So I was recently shopping for a copy of an old-but-good Kate Bush album, The Whole Story. Apple's iTunes had it for £4.99 whereas Amazon had the same MP3 version for £4.59. Now I'm not saying I'm mean but ..... well, it is 50 pence :-)

I bought the album via Amazon, and then thought .... OK, how do I get the album downloaded AND added into my iTunes library in order that I can play it on my iPhone, iPad etc.

Well, Amazon came to the rescue ....

Once I'd downloaded and installed this OS X app, I logged into my Amazon account from within the app. and was given the opportunity to download the new LP.

Post-download, the app then prompted me to "export" the music into iTunes.

I went into my iTunes library and .... voila.

Colour me impressed.

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