Thursday, 7 August 2014

What to do when AIX doesn't include unzip

So I'm working in an AIX environment, where the unzip command isn't available in /usr/bin, and the AIX Toolkit version isn't installed in /opt/freeware/bin.

So how do I unzip a file ?

The answer ?

Use Java :-)


By default, AIX does have an option to unzip .zip files, it's just a little bit hidden. Normally one would use 'unzip' but that's not available by default. You can install it as a rpm, but that's not necessary. Java is installed by default and is also capable of unzipping .zip files, with these simple steps:

• Add the java utilities directory to your path
• Unzip the file using jar
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java5/bin
jar -xvf

That's all!

Source: Sjoerd Hooft - AIX UnZip

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