Saturday, 16 August 2014

Running SpinRite inside DOS wrapped inside VirtualBox wrapped inside Ubuntu

So I'm using Steve Gibson's SpinRite hard-drive maintenance utility to check the health of the Maxtor 6YI60M0 drive that I use to boot Orac up - running Ubuntu 14.04, of course.

The quirk is that SpinRite is a good ole fashioned DOS application, that I downloaded from as an ISO image. I then built a VirtualBox VM, booting from the ISO, with an attached virtual disk that points at the Maxtor disk ( /dev/sdb ) upon which Ubuntu is installed.

So I have a DOS application running inside VirtualBox running inside Ubuntu .... checking the health of the disk upon which Ubuntu is installed.

Confused ?

I am but this blog post certainly helped guide me down this twisty, turny path, all alike

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