Thursday, 26 October 2017

IBM API Connect - Debugging

This is another of those work-in-progress posts, but I'm hitting an issue testing an API that I've created using IBM API Connect

I've developed the API using an existing Web Service running on IBM Bluemix ( it's actually the IBM ODM Rules Service ), and this is a long-used Hello World Rule that I created a few years ago ( I even have a post or two for that ).


During the debugging phase, I wanted to check the logs that the API Manager ( aka Cloud Manager Console - CMC ) was producing.

I'm logged into the CMC via SSH: -

ssh admin@management

and am watching the CMC logs go by: -

debug tail file /var/log/cmc.out

2017-10-26 13:43:02.666 SEVERE [T-2226] [$Serializer.serialize] Error(59f1e666e4b07d97f084e8ff), Http-Code(401), Message(The HTTP request requires user authentication. Please repeat the request with a suitable Authorization header field.), User(), Path(get:/catalogs/59f1e293e4b07d97f084e7fd/webhooks)

I realised that, during the API Assembly phase, I'd NOT specified the credentials that the ODM Rule Service requires.

I fixed this by selecting the Proxy component in my assembly diagram: -

and entering the credentials: -

This has got me further forward ….

… it's still not working, but I suspect that's a problem between the API Manager and the DataPower Gateway ….

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