Monday, 9 October 2017

Using Docker Container Technology with F5 Products and Services

I'm continuing to learn about, and tinker, with containers, in the context of Docker and Kubernetes.

I've also been working with various HTTPS load balancers, including the Edge Load Balancer (ELB) capability on Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Cloud (EC2) and F5 Networks' BIG-IP.

So I started wondering whether there's a Docker image for the BIG-IP product.

That led me to Google, which led me here: -

and here: -

and, eventually this: -

F5 BIG‑IP cannot run inside of a Docker container; it is only available as a virtual or hardware appliance.

So I didn't find an image, but I did learn a few more things ….

Meantime, I can use the trial and evaluation versions of BIG-IP etc. from here: _

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