Thursday, 19 October 2017

Zipping and Tarring on macOS - with added funkiness

So I had a specific requirement yesterday - I wanted to extract three specific files from a ZIP file.

This is what I had: -

unzip -l

  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  10-19-2017 16:58   ca/
     1310  10-19-2017 16:58   ca/ca.crt
     1679  10-19-2017 16:58   ca/ca.key
        0  10-19-2017 16:58   node1/
     1379  10-19-2017 16:58   node1/node1.crt
     1679  10-19-2017 16:58   node1/node1.key

---------                     -------
     6047                     6 files

So I wanted to extract the certificates and one of the keys …. and place them into specific locations


I didn't want the paths, just the files.

Whilst zip supports this: -

-j  junk paths (do not make directories) 

alas, unzip does not.

Thankfully, the internet had the answer: -

How do I exclude absolute paths for Tar?

I knew that I could use tar on a ZIP file, but this was a nuance.

So here're the commands that I used: -

tar xvzf ~/ --strip-components=1 -C ~/Desktop/elasticsearch-config/x-pack ca/ca.crt
tar xvzf ~/ --strip-components=1 -C ~/Desktop/elasticsearch-config/x-pack node1/node1.crt
tar xvzf ~/ --strip-components=1 -C ~/Desktop/elasticsearch-config/x-pack node1/node1.key

so we use —strip-components to remove the path and -C to place the files into specific locations.

So that's all good then :-)

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