Friday, 22 December 2017

IBM Cloud Private - now available

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IBM Cloud Private version is now available for download

Announcing the arrival of IBM Cloud Private version!

I know you didn't think that we were going to let the year end without another delivery from the IBM Cloud Private team. So here you go, to round out 2017 we got another one.........introducing IBM Cloud Private

IBM Cloud Private Version iterates on our 2.1.0 edition, with console enhancements, new capabilities, and a Kubernetes version update. We do highly recommend this upgrade, as alongside these new features, we took the time to also improve on some features and fix some of those pesky bugs.

We do hope you enjoy!

What's new in version

Here is a snapshot of what to expect with the release of version You can also find more details on our Bluemix blog, or by reviewing our What's new page in the IBM Knowledge Center.

Kubernetes upgraded to 1.8.3

IBM Cloud Private version is now upgraded to use Kubernetes version 1.8.3. For more information about the features that are introduced in Kubernetes 1.8.3, see

Redesigned navigation menu

The navigation menu is now redesigned for better alignment of functions, this should improve ease of use of the IBM Cloud Private management console.

New networking capability

You can now integrate VMware NSX-T 2.0 with IBM Cloud Private.

Technology Previews

Try out one of our beta features and let us know what you think

• Cluster federation - In multiple cluster environments, you can use a federation to deploy and manage common services across multiple Kubernetes clusters.
• Vulnerability advisor - Use the advisor to get vulnerability reports for containers and images in your IBM® Cloud Private private registry. Note: The Vulnerability advisor is not available with IBM Cloud Private Community Edition.

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