Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Mozilla Firefox Quantum - Suppressing Autoplay Videos

So I mostly love the new Firefox 57, aka Quantum, although I have a  few niggles with it; my main gripe is that the LastPass plugin appears to have been totally borked.

One other issue - autoplay videos :-(

Given that I don't use Adobe Flash, I was somewhat grumpy to find that the BBC News site was full of videos that'd start auto-playing as soon as I hit the site.

Thankfully, the internet came to the rescue - AGAIN

This takes one off to: -

which gives the usual warning: -

Once there, search for the keyword autoplay, which returns two hits: -


Contrary to the article, I double-clicked on the FIRST item, and thus changed it to: -


Job done :-)


Giannandrea said...

Hi Dave,
reading your blog I discovered another valuable Firefox add-on: "SSLeuth" which in my opinion was definitely brilliant!
Now sadly also "SSLeuth" is not compatible with Firefox 57+...
Reading few Firefox Developers Blogs I understood that the new web extensions technology looks promising but at the moment it offers few capabilities compared to the previous framework...
Hoping in a next compatible "SSLeuth" version!



Dave Hay said...

Ciao Giannandrea, thanks for the comments - yes, I had problems with Lastpass until they updated the plugin for FF57 a few days back.

Fingers crossed for SSLeuth :-)

Have a great weekend, Dave

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