Friday, 29 December 2017

IBM UrbanCode Deploy - Syntax FTW

As per previous posts, I'm tinkering with IBM UrbanCode Deploy : -

This time around, I'm using UCD to install WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP), using the appropriately named WebSphere Liberty Plugin: -

IBM WebSphere Liberty

One of the steps provided by this Plugin is Install Server Archive which expands a JAR or ZIP file containing the WLP codebase.

This step takes a few mandatory ( indicated below with a red asterisk ) including Source File: -

I specify the Source File property at the Application level: -

but saw this: -



Unzipping server archive in : /opt/ibm/WebSphere/Liberty
Caught: : src '/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/var/work/WLP/
' doesn't exist.
: src '/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/var/work/WLP/
' doesn't exist.
at com.urbancode.air.plugin.websphereliberty.WebSphereLibertyHelper.installServerArchive(WebSphereLibertyHelper.groovy:194)
at com.urbancode.air.plugin.websphereliberty.WebSphereLibertyHelper$ Source)

when I executed the Component Process.

One of my colleagues immediately spotted the flaw: -

Caught: : src '/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/var/work/WLP/
' doesn't exist.

The clue is that there's a space between .zip and the trailing apostrophe.

As he rightly suggested, I'd inserted a Carriage Return / Line Feed ( CR/LF ) in the Application Property.

Once I edited this from: -

to: -

all was well: -

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