Friday, 29 December 2017

IBM UrbanCode Deploy - Commanding the Line

As ever, a Work-in-Progress, as I seek to understand the What, the Why and the How of IBM UrbanCode Deploy (UCD).

This time, it's getting to grips with the command-line, which leverages the out-of-the-box UCD REST interface.

This is the source from which I am working; -

and here I'm creating a new Version ( to be used by a Component Process ) : -

/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/opt/udclient/udclient -username admin -password passw0rd -weburl createVersion -component WebSphereLibertyProfile -name 1.0

and then uploading a file to that newly created version: -

/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/opt/udclient/udclient -username admin -password passw0rd -weburl addVersionFiles -component WebSphereLibertyProfile -version 1.0 -base /wlpsource/5/

The latter command looks within the directory /wlpsource/5 and uploads EVERYTHING it finds, in this instance a single JAR file: -


I'm now tinkering with using the same REST API to actually invoke an Application Process, using this JSON: -


  "application": "Install WLP",
  "description": "Requesting deployment",
  "applicationProcess": "Install WLP",
  "environment": "Development",
  "onlyChanged": "false"
  "versions": [
      "version": "1.0",
      "component": "WebSphereLibertyProfile"

and this command: -

/opt/ibm/UCD/agent/opt/udclient/udclient -username admin -password passw0rd -weburl requestApplicationProcess ~/runProcess.json

It's not working thus far …. even though it returns a JSON response e.g. 

{"requestId": "160a34da-b3e6-fd1d-de6e-1069f89f0461"}


the GUI reports "No Version Selected" : -

but that's tomorrow's problem :-)

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