Monday, 15 July 2019

Shelling out - fun with Ubuntu shells

I saw this: -

-sh: 2: [: -gt: unexpected operator
-sh: 29: [: -gt: unexpected operator

when logging into an Ubuntu boxen.

I was pretty sure that this'd worked before, but wondered whether my shell was giving me (s)hell ....

I checked what I was currently running: -

echo $SHELL


which is a flavour of the Bourne Again SHell ( BASH ).

I then checked the /etc/passwd file: -

cat /etc/passwd


and realised that I didn't have an explicit shell set.

I upped my authority ( super user do ): -

sudo bash

[sudo] password for hayd: 

and then updated my account: -

usermod --shell /bin/bash hayd

Now /etc/passwd looks OK: -


and I'm now all good to go: -

echo $SHELL


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