Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Ooops, Podman broke my IBM Container Registry - well, kinda

I was digging into an IBM Container Registry (ICR), specifically to look at an image that I'd just built/pushed.

This is on a Mac upon which I've installed Podman, to replace Docker Desktop, as per previous posts.

Having logged into IBM Cloud ( I have a script for that ), I logged into the ICR instance: -

ic cr login

which responded: -

Logging in to 'us.icr.io'...


Failed to 'docker login' to 'us.icr.io' with error: Cannot connect to Podman. Please verify your connection to the Linux system using `podman system connection list`, or try `podman machine init` and `podman machine start` to manage a new Linux VM

Error: unable to connect to Podman. failed to create sshClient: Connection to bastion host (ssh://core@localhost:53095/run/user/1000/podman/podman.sock) failed.: dial tcp [::1]:53095: connect: connection refused

At which point, I realised where I'd gone wrong - I'd rebooted my Mac since last I did this, and, at a guess, the Podman Machine doesn't autostart.

I manually started it: -

podman machine start

INFO[0000] waiting for clients...                       

INFO[0000] listening tcp://                 

INFO[0000] new connection from  to /var/folders/b5/8vqr9tt54v94jxzs0_k2qq2m0000gn/T/podman/qemu_podman-machine-default.sock 

Waiting for VM ...

Machine "podman-machine-default" started successfully

and then attempted to log into ICR: -

ic cr login

Logging in to 'us.icr.io'...

Logged in to 'us.icr.io'.


Next step is to find out how to autostart the Podman Machine "service" .... 

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