Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Podman broke my IBM Cloud

As per my earlier posts, I'm all over Podman at the moment.

Having removed Docker Desktop, I then realised that this broke the IBM Cloud CLI tool, specifically the Container Registry plugin: -

ic cr login


Could not locate 'docker'. Check your 'docker' installation and path.

Of course, Docker isn't installed, and thus is no longer in the path: -

which docker

which returns NADA!

But Podman is there: -

which podman


so I created an alias/shortcut/symbolic link between the two: -

ln -s `which podman` /usr/local/bin/docker

so now Docker is back: -

which docker


and is remarkably similar to Podman: -

docker --version

docker version 3.4.0

podman --version

podman version 3.4.0

and now the cloud is happy: -

ic cr login

Logging in to ''...

Logged in to ''.


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