Monday, 10 January 2022

Kubernetes - messing about with nodes and taints

I've probably blogged about this before, but, today, I'm tinkering with Kubernetes ( well, OpenShift Container Platform ) nodes, in terms of understanding what taints are applied to what nodes, in order that I can assign pods accordingly.

This command was immensely useful: -

kubectl get nodes -o,TAINTS:.spec.taints

NAME           TAINTS    <none>   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:transit]]   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:transit]]   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:transit]]   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:edge]]   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:edge]]    <none>   [map[effect:NoExecute key:dedicated value:edge]]    <none>
with thanks to StackOverflow: -

The official Kubernetes documentation has much to say about taints: -

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