Monday, 24 January 2022

Today I learned how to use the QUOTIENT function in Excel ...

So, being the world's laziest person, I wanted to have Excel do some very very simple division and return the whole number portion, without the remainder.

I've got a cell that contains a total amount e.g. 1,234  and a few rows that contain "exchange rates".

For each row, I wanted to divide the total e.g. cell C1 by the exchange rate, and return the whole number.

This: -

QUOTIENT function

gave me what I needed i.e. the QUOTIENT() function.

For each row, I "anchored" cell C1 as the first argument to the function ( the numerator, the number "on top" of the division ) and the exchange rate cell as the second argument ( the denominator ) e.g.

I then used the value of the QUOTIENT() function to calculate the total i.e. voucher face value vs. the quotient.

Yeah, I know, dividing 342 into 1234 ain't that hard but ... automation is everything ....

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