Sunday, 20 July 2008

Ding Ding, Round 2 - Lotus TechJam! - Tuesday 2 September 2008 @ IBM Staines

Building on the success of the first event, the IBM Lotus techies are running another LTJ event in September. The agenda is being polished up, but it'll be similar to this: -

This will be a technical session, aimed at technical people or, in the words of the invitation, those who are: -

    * Nuts about Notes
    * Salivating about Sametime
    * Quackers about Quickr
    * Potty about Portal
    * Confident about Composite Applications
    * Excited by Expeditor
    * Caught by Connections

      or simply Wowed by Widgets

Interested ?

Let me know :-)


Matt White said...

Hi Dave,

Definitely interested. Could you add me to the list please?



Yancy Lent said...

Hi Dave,

Take a look here...,72.0.html


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
belgort said...

"Potty for Portal" hmmmmmm

Dave Hay said...

@Matt, will post an agenda when we have one.

@Yancy, as per our email exchange, have posted on PL

@Bruce, just to be clear, "potty" as in "passionately mad" rather than the US usage of the verb :-)

Anonymous said...

Of course the overall theme should be... LOVING LOTUS :-)

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