Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Wiping my BlackBerry

Am sending my BlackBerry back to Vodafone as it's still dropping calls, despite my upgrading it to the latest pertinent firmware level. On a 30 minute call, the phone disconnected me six or seven times. Having used the Vodafone SIM in my trusty old Nokia 6021, I know it's the device rather than the network.

I called Vodafone today, and they were very helpful - a courier will meet me in London on Thursday with a new device; I need to retain the SIM, battery and back cover.

I wanted to wipe my data off the phone before sending it back, but wasn't sure how to achieve this.

Thanks to some Googling, I found this which was of some use - the trick ( for my 7130v ) is, from the menu, to navigate to Settings -> Security Options -> General Settings -> Wipe Handheld. Once selected, I chose Continue and then entered the word "blackberry" to confirm.

After a few moments, the device is back to the oob defaults, prompting me to use the setup wizard, and showing the 'orrible default theme.

Let's just hope that the replacement unit does the trick ( now how can I persuade them to give me a Storm instead of a 7130v ? )

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