Friday, 26 December 2008

Post-Christmas Blues - Not too much fun with ATI and Intrepid on the 2007-AE7 Thinkpad T60p

Hot on the heels of my previous posts here  and here, I found that things weren't as smooth as they could be, with Compiz crashing out from time to time.

I've played around over the past two days ( well, what else is Christmas Day and Boxing Day for ) and have taken a slightly different path to the same destination.

Instead of using Synaptic, Envy or apt get install, I chose to download the proprietary ATI driver from here.

This downloads a 80 MB file It's necessary to make this file executable ( chmod +x ) and then execute it with root privileges ( sudo ./ ).

The installer walks you through a series of simple screens, and, following a reboot, you're good to go.

Will continue to play ...

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