Sunday, 21 December 2008

Solved - ATI Catalyst Control Centre not saving configuration

Having solved my problems with the suspend/resume on Intrepid whilst keeping Compiz and spinny things going, I had one final thing to crack.

When I used the ATI Catalyst Control Centre ( amdcccle ) to set my display resolution, I noticed that the changes were not being saved through a reboot. As an example, I could set the resolution to 1600x1200 to get the best out of my Thinkpad's HUUUUUGE screen, when I rebooted, the resolution would be back at 1024x768, which is a bit annoying.

As usual, Google had the answer, Google is my friend. I searched for "amdcccle saving" and found this article - the answer is to run gnome-display-properties and click Apply to save the current configuration ( this applet can be as a command ( ALT + F2 ) or via System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution.

Strange but true


David Abrahams said...

I find my T60p is constantly losing its memory of which screens to start X on. When docked, I want it on my two external monitors, but after some mishaps or use it always ends up on one external monitor plus the laptop screen. I wonder if gnome-display-preferences offers an easy workaround? Gonna try.

keyboardcowboy said...

Thx for this tip this did it also for me

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