Thursday, 16 July 2009

HTTP 501 Not Implemented when attempting to administrator Sametime 8.0.2

Whilst documenting my mega Connections/Domino/Portal/Sametime/Quickr demo, I noticed that I was unable to access the Sametime Configuration web UI ( ), but received the exception: -

HTTP 501 Not Implemented

when I tried.

As per usual, I Google'd around, and found reference to this Technote: -

Sametime: Unable to Administer the Server when Web SSO is Disabled

and followed the third circumvention: -

Workaround #3

1. Open the file found in the Lotus\Domino\Data directory (using a text editor such as Notepad).
2. Locate the line that begins with: servlet.admin.initArgs=Statistics.Servlet
3. Follow the line to the end where you will find a parameter called:


4. Delete it.


Delete what is in bold below, including the comma before the parameter:


5. Save the changes

6. Type tell http restart on the Domino Server console for the settings to take effect. 

Apart from (stupidly) killing the HTTP server WHILST logged in via the Web Administrator client ( I ran tell http quit rather than tell http restart on my Linux-based server ), this worked a treat.

Interesting to see that this Technote was written in 2004, and pertains to ST 3 whereas I'm using ST 8.0.2 :-)

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