Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lesson to self - read and reread your own blog posts

Having just spent 30 minutes wondering why the WebSphere Application Server command: -

[root@voyager ~]# . /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ 

kept failing to run, with: -

dirname: invalid option -- b
Try `dirname --help' for more information.

I remembered that, when WebSphere Portal is in the mix, that the script that I needed to run is: -

[root@voyager ~]# . /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/bin/ 


I suspect that this is always the case with WebSphere Application Server 6.1, which has introduced the concept of profiles.

It was even more galling when I looked back in time to a blog posting from about 15 months ago: -

Can you say 'D'oh' ? I bet you can ...


Chris Toohey said...

One of the first places I look for something now is on my own site, and something that I learned while trying to look for an "undocumented" Function in Lotus Domino Formula language.

When I searched for the proper syntax via Google, the only site that had any information on it was my own...

When you publish content for enough years, you eventually forget what's out there!

Either that, or I'm losing it (which could very well be the case)...

Keith Brooks said...

Can't tell you how many times I lookup or refer to my posts as well on tech items, for me and for others.
and yes, sometimes DOH is the only way to say it when I see I wrote the post.

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