Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lotus Connections 2.0.1 and WebSphere Portal 6.1 Together

This is one of many work-in-progress documents, but I wanted to share some screenshots of an integration that I've just built on a single server: -

Activities and Blogs and Communities

Add a little Dogear

With a little user-driven customisation...

In my particular case, I'm using a Domino 8.5 server for LDAP, webmail and SMTP, and have shared a LTPA token across all three servers ( Domino plus two separate profiles of WAS 6.1 ).

I've still got more to do, especially around the portal UI, as well as adding in the Web Application Integrator portlet, but this is a good starter for 10.

The Connections integration is currently achieved using the Lotus Connections Portlets for IBM Websphere Portal portlet: -

and this document was useful in setting it up.

I noticed that some of the fonts were a bit on the large side, and found this post: -

which may be of use. Will try it and report back ...

I also haven't yet got the Business Card tags working but, again, I will ...


Daniele Vistalli said...

Hello Dave,

I've setup in the past a similar environment (using the web application integrator).

I just had a problem with the Connections portlet from the catalog.
They only support the english language (no italian for instance).

Also they could be a lot better in terms of documentation & quality.

Maybe you've an answer or some good pointers... could/would IBM set those portlets as open source ? So we get soemthing that can be worked on ?

Apart from this... great blog. I hope to return bloggin very soon about Portal in a few weeks.

Luis Benitez said...

Thanks for sharing David.. this is great!

Dave Hay said...

@Luis, thanks for your comments - you're very kind, and I appreciate all the help from you and the other Twitterati :-)

@Daniele, I can't really comment on the Connections portlet, but would encourage you to add your feedback to the Catalog page here: -

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