Sunday, 30 January 2011

Adding WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer 7 to Rational Software Architect 8

Well, I like WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer and I like Rational Software Architect, but which one is best ?

No, but seriously, some times I need to simply use WPF and other times I need the full majesty of RSA.

Therefore, being able to run one inside the other is a nice-to-have.

Oh, and of course, I want to run it on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 :-)

Well, it's easier than I thought, and much easier than the past.

Simply put, you install WPF and then you install RSA, and then you tell one to know about the other.

So, for me, I have WPF Designer v7 installed here: -


and RSA 8 installed here: -


To add WPF into RSA, it's a simple matter to create a subdirectory called links under RSA: -

mkdir /opt/IBM/SDP/links

and then copy a file - - from WPF into it: -

cp /opt/IBM/WebSphere/PortletFactory/Designer/eclipse/ .

Next time I start RSA, I have WPF available, and can create projects and models to my heart's content.

Thanks to the WPF wiki for the tip....

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