Thursday, 20 January 2011

Love Film ? In that case you need this ....

As an aspirationally regular listener to Mark Kermode's Film Reviews, aka @Wittertainment, on BBC Radio 5 Live, albeit via the podcast version, I wanted to draw your attention to: -

(a) the podcast - if you don't listen to it, and you ever watch movies, then you really really really ought to have a listen
(b) the Wittertainment Code of Conduct

The latter is a thing of beauty - if you have ever been annoyed by mobile-phone using, popcorn-eating, soda-slurping, talking, kicking, giggling so-called movie-watchers, then you need to print this out, laminate it and then distribute it freely and widely.

Lovely :-)

PS Hello to Jason Isaacs

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Mr Ports said...

... and hello to David Morrisey. And Fairport Convention.

I agree that Kermayo produce one of the best podcasts around. Just today catching up on a missed episode made my trip from London to Manchester fly by.

It was not in 3D.