Thursday, 30 June 2011

Announcing IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1

I saw this and thought of everyone who ever needs to develop a web / portal / mobile / rich-client / widget application ....

IBM Web Experience Factory 7.0.1, formerly IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory, delivers the fastest and easiest way to develop multichannel exceptional web experiences across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms.

Key new features in Web Experience Factory 7.0.1 include:
    • Mobile and multi-channel support, with new builders, wizards, themes, and more
    • New IBM Web Content Manager builder allows easy integration of content and development of custom authoring interfaces
    • Improved end-user experiences with new builders such as Data Layout, Lazy Load, and Page Navigation
    • Improved development experience with new editing features and usability enhancements

The formal announcement is here and the Wiki article also has a link to a PDF document containing lots of shiny details about the new release.

The new product name is a little different but, to be fair, WebSphere Portlet Factory always undersold the tool, from the moment IBM acquired Bowstreet, as one could use it to develop non-portal web applications. Added to this, IBM then introduced the capabilities to develop rich-client applications ( to be run in Eclipse, Notes, Sametime etc. etc. etc. ) and widgets ....

So the name is different, but I'll get used to it :-)

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