Thursday, 30 June 2011

WebSphere Integration User Group / Hursley Conference - 13th July 2011

The WebSphere Integration User Group (UK) committee invites you to their next UK User Group Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, 13th July 2011 at IBM Hursley Laboratories, near Winchester, the home of IBM’s Messaging and ESB technologies.  Help us celebrate 100 years of IBM and 15 years of our User Group.
The WebSphere Integration UK User Group is an independent body made up of a governing committee of WebSphere Integration users. Our aim is to offer a forum for users to meet and learn from one another's experience as well as meet and learn from the WebSphere Integration product experts.
The formal part of the day starts at 10:00 with a keynote presentation on using WebSphere technologies for a Smarter and More Agile Business by Gerry Reilly, Director of IBM Messaging and Integration, at IBM Hursley Laboratories. This is followed by a case study of the use of WebSphere Integration to improve effeciency and reduce costs for Fire Services.
A short session to ask questions of the Hursley experts, and arrange contact sessions between attendees leads into lunch, where discussions can continue and you can continue to network.
This will be followed by a choice of four parallel streams, with the ability to mix and match between them.
    - Advanced WebSphere MQ stream
    - ESB stream  
    - Cloud
    - Business Process Management
Full Agenda:
The event is free, and includes a buffet lunch. To register for the meeting, visit the WebSphere Integration User Group web site and click on "Next Event", or use the quick link below. Registration is via email, with full instructions on the web page below.
Agenda, and conference registration:

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