Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shiny, shiny, oh so shiny - Mobile Portal theme and WebSphere Portal 7

Reading Jonathan Distad's blog post about the upcoming Mobile Portal theme for IBM WebSphere Portal 7

In Q3, IBM will be shipping their Portal 7 Mobile theme (insert applause).  This powerful theme takes advantage of the almost-ubiquitous used mobile web-kit.  This compliments IBM's Mobile Portal Accelerator (MPA) which provides a much broader solution for multiple mobile device support.  The Mobile Theme provides a lightweight toolkit for extending portals to Android, iPhone and Blackberry (web-kit enabled) phones.

When to use Mobile Theme vs MPA?  It is pretty simple in my mind: when you have to support a very broad range of phones from your basic feature phone to the most complex web-kit smartphones and pads – MPA is your choice.  The downfall of MPA is that you have very little customization/modification abilities.  Otherwise, if your business drivers are to get acceptance with the iPhone/Android/Blackberry market (75-80% of all phones) the Mobile Theme is a pretty good choice.  I should note that there are a few more options such as native app development and rich-web apps.

Am now looking to download a VMware image ( internal use only, I'm afraid ) in order to take a wee lookie-see.


Brownie said...

You get to play with al the good stuff Dave ;)

Dave Hay said...

Indeed, that's one of the reasons that I do what I do :-)