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"Meddling with Middleware" at the British Computer Society in Southampton on Thursday 9 June 2011

This popped into my inbox a few days ago, and I thought it was something that merited a repost.


Meddling with Middleware 


1800 for 1830 on Thursday 9 June 2011


HC 005
Herbert Collins Building
Ground Floor
Southampton Solent University
SO14 0RD

Directions and maps at


Free of charge
Joint with the BCS Hampshire Branch, and Southampton Solent University
This event is free, open to all, but please book through the BCS website, both for BCS members and non-members for arranging refreshments, and particularly as the numbers are limited.
Middleware - the systems and software that plug together the IT of your  high street bank, insurance companies, large shops, manufacturing  plants, virtual or otherwise, (other terms include SCA,ESB, Application Servers).
With features including development cycles lasting years; cross-platform  source code; so many lines of code we don't count; very demanding customers wanting no risk or downtime, meddling is perhaps something you don't want to do.
Since joining IBM about 12 years ago, meddling with middleware is what Matthew has been doing. First working with IBM's JVM implementation, and with WebSphere MQ JMS.
Matthew hopes to cover topics from the challenge of designing, developing, and managing middleware codebases, through to testing, servicing and managing these codebase. Outlining some of the challenges that we face in large scale software engineering.

Currently Matthew is one of the Technical Leads of the WMQ Platform Integration Team. They work to ensure that the WMQ product is fully integrated into the WebSphere Platform. Looking at the WMQ product as part of a stack solution ensures their customers truly get an integrated IBM WebSphere Plaform.
Previous to that Matthew was the Technical Lead of the team that produce the WebSphere MQ v7 classes for JMS and Java. Previously working as Team Lead of that team.Experience in Java and Java EE Development, code base servicing and customer relationships.Matthew has presented at a number of customer events, including JavaOne and the  WebSphere User Group.
In addition, following the need to help those members under-employed or expecting to be so, there will be a series of 3 free daytime technical session between  the end of June and August, in Southampton, subject to interest - booking and  confirmation of dates for each of these directly with Nick Whitelegg

1.Web Development for programmers. Aims to bring programmers non-au-fait with web development technologies up to speed with the fundamentals of web development. Will look at database driven web applications using PHP and MySQL, including maintaining state and an introduction to AJAX. (Note this is "DFTI-in-a-day" effectively)

2. "Web 2.0" Technologies. Aimed at people who know some web development already but not au-fait with the newer technologies used to build highly interactive web applications such as AJAX and HTML5. Will cover XML and the concept of web services and the data driven web. (effectively "EWT-in-a-day")

3.A third one would be Object-Orientated Programming for procedural programmers (using Java), this could also run in August - was there interest in that too? This would be "OOAD-in-a-day"

Nick Whitelegg is a senior lecturer in Computing (Web Development) at Southampton Solent University and teaches on a range of undergraduate software development courses including Java and web development. He has contributed software and data to the OpenStreetMap mapping project and has developed an open source mapping site and associated tools for walkers.

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