Thursday, 21 July 2011

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 - Service Pack 3 Released

I'd missed this on Monday, but IBM released Service Pack 3 for Lotus Symphony 3.

From the website: -

Lotus Symphony 3 Fix Pack 3 contains fixes for a few critical security vulnerability issues and other low risk, high impact fixes. It is cumulative and contains all of the fixes from Fix Pack 1 and Fix Pack 2. For more detailed instructions and the list of fixes contained in Fix Pack 3, read the complete version of the release notes.

It is a cumulative fix pack, and rolls up those in SP1 and SP2.

Well, I took advantage of the high-speed LAN to which I was connected, and downloaded and installed the SP last night.

So far, so good :-)

The full release notes are here, but this is the fix list: -

• Symphony freezes when Ctrl+Left is pressed at the beginning of lines with bullets.
• Symphony crashes when opens the sample .doc file that contains a user defined toolbar
• Left indentation of the paragraph lost when opening a .doc file in Symphony.
• The position of a graphic is changed when opening the .doc sample file in Symphony.
• Sometimes, Symphony crashes when new a numbering style is selected from the selection list.
• Header and footer are lost when opening a .docx file in Symphony.
• Symphony crashes when loading a .docx file that contains empty parent bullet styles.
• Symphony crashes when opening the sample document on Linux operating systems.
• Font size of all the hyperlinks become bigger, the font color is lost after editing the .doc file in Symphony.
• The custom properties field of a file cannot be changed after it is created
• Graphics in presentation are lost if the Symphony temporary files are missing
• Symphony freezes when opening a presentation that contains many complex graphics
• Spell check doesn't work properly when opening the .ppt file that is created by Symphony in Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Enhance the look and feel for the Calibri font
• The PNG graphics in template are damaged after the first slide in the presentation was modified and saved.
• Template does not display in Slide Templates window on the sidebar after save it to template organizer
• When the slide contains huge size bullets, it doesn't display properly in Symphony
• Texts on X or Y axis bar is not visible in screen show
• It takes long time to open the .pptx file that contains complicated tables in Symphony.
• The connection of shapes linked with connectors are broken in the duplicated slide
• New a presentation and then close Symphony application on MAC, sometimes Symphony crashes.
• The appearance of the Slide thumbnail are not acceptble.
• Pressing F5 or Shift+F5 to return to the current page of the slide show does not work.
• The order of chart data is not preserved when opening a bar chart that was created in Symphony 1.3
• Chart is incorrectly printed when printing in Handouts mode
• When apply Title Only layout to a slide, the background of the slide is changed
• Sometimes redundant text boxes are created after you click the text box button once.
• Table is always selected even put the cursor outside of the table
• Grid lost after double-clicking the Microsoft OLE objects in Symphony
• When creating or opening a presentation file, JAWS does not recognize the new name of the file.
• When the tips for a cell that contains validity criteria is too long, the text cannot be displayed completed.
• The sample spreadsheet cannot be saved when it contains invalid characters in the DataPilot table.
• If you delete the cell contents in the last line of a DataPilot source, the DataPilot range should be kept as it was.
• The range of sorting in instant filters should not include the first line
• Can not insert columns after any filter has been applied
• Open a large .xls sample file with DataPilot that contains invalid reference for Value, modify it and save, and Symphony crashes.
• When copying a sheet that contains a cell with a check box and it links to other cells, the link is not updated in the new sheet.
• The 3D pie chart becomes higher than the actual size when open the Excel file in Symphony
• The association of the images and their assigned macros breaks when opening the Excel file in Symphony
• The copy and paste behavior of emtpy cells with a background is incorrect
• The Excel files are corrupted in Microsoft Excel after editing in Symphony when the file contains two pilot tables with the same names in different sheets, and the pilot table is reference in VBA code.
• All fontworks are moved to the front of cells when any group is expandedp.
• Copy the style of cells from Microsoft Excel to Symphony, and if the style already exists, Symphony creates a duplicated one.
• Error message prompts when copying a cell with more than two lines of text to notes
• Trucations in check box label or radio button label
• Sometimes, Symphony crashes when opening the Microsoft Office item in the preference dialog
• Notes crashes when debugging Symphony Lotusscript code before opening any document.

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