Wednesday, 6 July 2011

RT @CuriousMitch - Using the DB2 Control Center to Connect to a Remote Database

This is very timely, because we've had a similar requirement here, where our DB2 servers are running on "headless" Linux servers ( for some reason, I always think of Harry Potter when I write "headless" ).

Thanks to "Curious" Mitch Cohen for this rather useful blog post: -

When using DB2 you might want to use the Control Center GUI to query or manage a database that resides on a remote machine, took me a little time to work out and I promised others I would share this.  I am sure there is more then one way to accomplish this, your mileage may vary.

Before you begin you need to collect the following information

• Fully Qualified Hostname where the DB2 database resides
• Services file entry for the database – this will include the instance name and port number (default is 50000, but could be different depending on your DB2 Configuration
• The Database Name to connect to
• The operating system of the DB2 Install
• Username & Password to connect to the Database

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Mitch said...

Glad it was useful to you, thanks for re-posting it... Mitch