Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Cloud Computing Whitepaper from IBM Global Business Services (GBS)

Saw this and thought ... hmm, that's worth a read ...

Cloud-delivered applications provide many business benefits such as scalability based on business demand, the ability to maximize resource usage, expansion of services, maximization of software and hardware investment,and the standardization and ease of use of IT resources. When considering whether to move an application to the cloud, it is important to consider both the business purpose of the application and the role that application plays in supporting business and IT strategies. This context is important for considering whether to transition an application to a cloud environment, or whether to re-architect or "transform" the application – and if so, how to do it. IBM has developed a unique methodology and tool for determining how to approach these decisions and optimize the benefits from applications being delivered from a cloud environment.

When considering cloud delivery, one of the major challenges faced by enterprises is the lack of the right implementation plan for moving existing applications to the cloud. Adapting an application for cloud delivery requires up-front analysis and
planning. Enterprises often limit cloud deployment to new applications without fully considering if, and if so how, existing applications can be transitioned. In some cases, business and IT objectives and conditions warrant larger, more comprehensive changes to an application that is moving to the cloud than are possible under the transition approach. For clients who have made the decision to transform an application, IBM has developed a comprehensive methodology to help inform and guide the migration process. This methodology is encapsulated in the IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor.

The PDF version of the whitepaper is here.

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