Tuesday, 14 February 2012

IBM Connections and IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator - @ Symbol Causes Problems in LDAP Distinguished Name

I saw this Technote: -

in my IBM Connections Fixes ATOM feed earlier.


Attempts to use the ProfileConnector to write custom attributes result in "dn is null" when using 
Tivoli Directory Integrator for IBM Connections.


Standard user LDAP attributes are being populated and synchronized by the sync_all_dns.bat/sh Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) script. There is also a need to populate additional user information from a separate data source.

The ProfileConnector was used for this task to retrieve, create and update the extension data.
It was found that the synchronization was working correctly for standard and extension fields, with the exception of users whose LDAP distinguished name (DN) contained the ampersand '@' character.
e.g. CN=JoeBloggs@domain,OU=Division,O=IBM

For these users, no population or sychronization of extension data was made and in the TDI log files it was found that the error "dn is null" was written.


The ProfileConnector code as part of the TDISOL package for IBM Connections was unable to handle these type of distinguished names correctly.

Sadly, the Technote doesn't list specifically what fix one needs. I'll try and find out, and report back …..


rull said...

Hi David,
I had problems with the @sign last year. A PMR was opened and the result is the Technote you are writing about. The result of this PMR:
TDISOL from 2011/09/30 build has the corrected code to handle @signs.
I`ve tested this and it works as it should ;-)

Dave Hay said...

@rull - excellent, thanks for sharing - I've raised a PMR and have been provided with the relevant TDISOL build, regards, Dave