Wednesday, 5 December 2012

IBM Business Process Manager Standard v8.0.0 - CWLDB9005W No topology is found in the cell

A brief post outlining a problem that I saw with IBM BPM earlier today.

It may sound obvious, but if you see this error: -

CWLDB9005W No topology is found in the cell

when attempting to import a Deployment Environment ( for Process Center or Process Server ) into your WAS cell, check that you don't already have a Deployment Environment present :-)

I was rebuilding an existing BPM Standard v8 environment, and had cleared down the servers, clusters, nodes, applications etc.

However, I kept seeing this error when I attempted to import the Deployment Environment back in ( having re-created and federated in my nodes ).

Can you guess what it was ?

Whilst I'd removed servers, clusters, nodes and applications, I had NOT removed the Deployment Environment.

When I checked, via the Integrated Solutions Console, I still had the old DE there.

Once I removed it, all was well :-)

For the record, here's some more DE-related information: -

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