Thursday, 20 December 2012

Kolban's Book on IBM BPM

I found references to this book a few months ago, when I was looking for some help getting the IBM Unified Task List (UTL) portlet running inside WebSphere Portal v7 against IBM BPM v8.

From Neil Kolban himself: -

I am an IBM employee who focuses on the IBM Business Process Manager and related products. Over time, I have built and collected information related to the use of this product which I have found to be of value to users, potential users and fellow IBMers. This page presents access to my personal notes, links and other related items that I feel may be of value.

Although I am an IBM employee, please note that any words, concepts or content may not necessarily represent the views of IBM. In addition, there are definetly inaccuracies in my content and thoughts. As such please use this information for what it is, an attempt to share information on IBM's BPM products from my mind to yours.


As I learn an IBM product, I take copious notes and jot down thoughts. I have bundled these together into book format and now make it available as a PDF document available for download. The book is released once a month (normally on the 1st day of the month) so it is a good idea to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

The October 2012 edition is now on the iPad, and I'm making my way through it's 1,300+ pages.

So imagine my pleasure to find that Neil has released the December 2012 version here: -

and that we're now up to 1453 pages :-)

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