Monday, 31 December 2012

NSURLErrorDomain error using MacTubes - SOLVED

I saw this exception: -

NSURLErrorDomain error -1102

using MacTubes v3.1.5 earlier today whilst downloading from YouTube.

I'd seen the same exception previously, before I upgraded my Mac from Lion ( OS X 10.7 ) to Mountain Lion ( OS X 10.8 ), so I assumed that the problem was with MacTubes rather than with OS X.

A quick Google search took me to this forum post: -

which recommended an update to MacTubes.

Now the original poster was using MacTubes 3.1.4, and fixed the problem by going to 3.1.5.

I thought I'd apply the same logic.

Here: -

at the MacTubes website, the developer reports that 3.1.6: -

• Fixed problem that failed downloading video file.(v3.1.6)

So I took the plunge, downloaded the new version, replacing that which I had in my Applications folder, started it up and … voila, it all works.

Nice one, MacTubes :-)


jose g said...

This works for you but not for everyone. So no you did not fix this problem.

Dave Hay said...

@Jose - to be fair, I never claimed to fix the problem for everyone, but it definitely worked for me.

Why don't you try contacting the Mactubes author.

Good luck